Madhya Pradesh

Area :3,08,000 square kilometers.

Capital :Bhopal

Population :6,03,85,118

Language :Hindi

People :Madhya Pradesh has the largest tribal population in India. The population of Scheduled Tribes alone accounts for about 23.27% of the total population of the state .

The main tribes of Madhya Pradesh are : Gond,Bhil,Kanwar,Baiga,Bharia,Habla or habli,Kol,Korku,Oraon,Dhanka,Dhangad,Panika,Sahariya,Saur,Sawar or Sawara,Sonr.

Economy :The main occupation of the people of Madhya Pradesh is agriculture. The crops cultivated are jowar (sorghum),rice,wheat and some varieties of coarse millets. Soya bean is also produced on a large scale. Other commercial crops are cotton,sugarcane and some oil seeds like sesame.

Mineral Resources :Madhya Pradesh is rich in natural resources like iron ore,manganese ore,coal,limestone and tin.

Climate :The summer season prevails in the period of March to June and the climate all over the state is hot. From August to September there exists the rainy season. The winter is quite pleasant from Nevember to February.

History :Madhya Pradesh was ruled by the Imperial Guptas in the period 300 - 400 A.D. followed by the Huns. In the 7th century the Huns were defeated by emperor Harsha. After Harsha,the different parts of the state were ruled by different dynasties including the Chandellas who constructed the well-known series of temples at Khajuraho between the 10th and the 11th centuries.

In the mid-1500's Akbar ruled the Malwa region of the state. The notable women rulers of Madhya Pradesh were Rani Durgavati,Queen Ahilyabai Holkar of Indore and the Gond queen,Rani Kamala Devi. The present state of Madhya Pradesh came into being on 1st November,1956.


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