Area :1,91,791 square kilometers.

Capital :Bangalore

Population :5,27,33,958

Language :Kannada

People :The people of Karnataka have been living in intimate beneficial contact with all their neighbours the Marathas,the Andhras,the Tamilians and the Malayalis.

A group known as Sanketis,speaking a Tamil dialect migrated into Karnataka from Tamil Nadu. A large number of Malayali families have also migrated into the Mysore district. The tradesmen (Byaris),priests and plantation labourers from Kerala have always found lucrative jobs in Coorg and South Kanara. Also the gardeners called Tigalas migrated from Tamil Nadu to Bangalore and thus,helped in the laying out of Lal Bagh.

Economy :The major crops that are cultivated include rice,Jowar,ragi,millet and pulses. Sugarcane,arecanut and coffee are the cash crops. About 59 per cent of the coffee grown in India comes from Karnataka. Karnataka also produces most of the world's sandalwood oil.

Climate :Karnataka enjoys the Tropical Monsoon climate . The state has an equable climate particularly in those areas which are hilly or a high plateau. Karnataka's capital Bangalore is the chief attraction because of its climate. Bangalore receives its quota of rainfall from both the winter and summer monsoons.

The winter season from January to February is followed by summer season from March to May. The period from October to March,covering the post-monsoon and winter seasons,is generally pleasant over the entire State. The months April and May are hot,very dry and generally uncomfortable. The next three months (July,August and September) are somewhat comfortable due to reduced day temperature although the degree of humidity.

History :Karnataka were ruled by different dynasties in its history. One of them being the great ing Asoka. In the 4th century A.D. the Kadambas came to power who ruled for over 200 years. The Kannada script took shape during Kadamba rule.

In between 4th century to the 10th century A.D. the southern parts of the state were ruled by the Gangas. They contributed greatly to the art and culture of Karnataka. Other dynasties that ruled over parts of Karnataka were the Satavahanas,the Chalukyas,the Rashtrakutas and the Hoysalas.

The last great empire of Karnataka was the Vijayanagar empire. WHen the British ruled India the people of this state were scattered among the princely states of Mysore,Hyderabad and the British provinces of Bombay and Madras. After the independence they reunited in a single state called Mysore. Later on November 1,1973 the Mysore state was renamed as Karnataka.