Arunachal Pradesh

Area :83,743 square kilometers.
Capital :Itanagar
Population :10,96,702
Language :Tribal dialects-Hill Miri,Monpa,Nishi,Sherdukpen,Mishmi,Apatani,Wancho,Dafla,Khamti.

Climate :The climate of Arunachal Pradesh varies according to altitude. In the upper regions the winters are cold and humid while the summers are short.

Minerals :Dolomite,limestone,graphite,quartzite,kainite,mica,iron and copper

People :Arunachal Pradesh has majorly Mongoloid and Tibeto-Burmese tribes and sub-tribes,with their own languages,clothes,headgear,customs and traditions. Tribals constitute seventy nine per cent of the total population. The major tribes are Daflas,Monpas,Adis,Akas,Apatanis,Mishmis,Nishis,Noktey,Wangchu and Sherdukpens.
Food : The food in Arunachal Pradesh is non-spicy and generally bland. Dishes are seasoned with bamboo shoots and local herbs. While they eat plenty of leafy vegetables and maize,they are basically meat eaters who also have lots of fish and eggs. "Apong" is the local drink made from rice and millet.

Economy :Arunachal Pradesh is predominantly an agricultural state. The forest-products are the next source of economy. Among the crops grown here are rice,maize,millet,wheat,pulses,sugarcane and oilseeds. Arunachal is also ideal for horticulture and fruits like pineapple,orange,lemon,plum,pear,cherries,and peaches are grown in orchards.

Its major industries are sawmills,plywood,rice mills,fruit preservation units,and handloom handicrafts.

History :In 1826 the British annexed Assam when they extended their influence into the northeast region of India. Till the year 1912,the region now called Arunachal Pradesh was administered from Assam by the Britishers.

Even after India's independence till 1962 Arunachal Pradesh was constitutionally a part of Assam and was administered by the Ministry of External Affairs until 1965 and subsequently by the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Governor of Assam. Arunachal Pradesh became a Union Territory in 1972 and then,a full-fledged state in February 1987.


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