Area :21,087 square kilometers.

Capital :Aizwal

Population :8,91,058

Language :Mizo,English is also widely spoken.

People :The Mizo tribes include the Lushais,Pawis,Paithes,Raltes,Pang,Himars,Kukis,Lakhers and others. Originally they are believed to have come from northwestern China and moved towards their present homeland,about 300 years ago. Today the Mizo community is greatly influenced by Christianity.

Economy :Agriculture is the main occupation in Mizoram. Ginger,Paddy,maize,mustard,sugarcane,sesame and potatoes are the famous crops grown. The major industries in the state are that of handloom and handicrafts. Sericulture is also practised widely.

Climate :The climate in Mizoram is cool and pleasant the whole year but during the months of April and May,there are heavy storms from the northwest. In the period from May to September rainfall occurs.

History :The Mizo tribes originally lived in the hills of Burma. The Lushai tribe moved into India and become the dominant tribe in the region that came to be known as the Lushai Hills. Early in the 19th century the Lushai came into conflict with the British. In the year 1895 the territory was annexed to British India. The British encouraged missionary activity among the tribes. As a result the Lushai and some other tribes converted to Christianity.

When India became independent in 1947,the Mizo Hills were a part of Assam. In 1972 it was made a Union Territory and renamed Mizoram. In February 1987 Mizoram became the 23rd state of the India.