Area :79,714 square kilometers.

Capital :Ranchi

Population :2,69,09,428

Language :Hindi (bihari dialect),tribal languages.

People :Majority of the people of Jharkhand belong to the tribal groups.

Climate :Jharkhand climate in general is tropical with hot summers and cold winters. There are regional variations. Some parts of the state like Ranchi,Netarhat,and Parasnath have pleasant climate even during the summers. Maximum rainfall takes place during the months from July to September accounting for more than 90% of total rainfall in the state.

Economy :Agriculture is the major occupation of people of Jharkhand. The principal foodgrains crops are paddy,wheat,maize and pulzes.

Jharkand has the biggest steel plant in the country at Bokaro. Other important industries are Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company,Sriram Bearing,Usha Martin,Indian Tube Company,etc.

Minerals :The state is a rich storehouse of minerals like coal,iron,mica and bauxite.

History :Jharkhand came into being on 15 November 2000 as the 28th State of India. In the 13th century Singh Deo of Orissa had declared himself the ruler of Jharkhand. After Independence in 1947 the state was a part of Bihar. But then the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha impelled the government to establish the Jharkhand Area Autonomous Council in 1995 and finally a full-fledged State.