Area :22,327 square kilometers.

Capital :Imphal

Population :23,88,068

Language :Manipuri

People :The characteristics of the Manipuri people vary depending upon the geographical divisions. The Meitees people inhabit the plains. The Kuki and Naga people of the hills,speak different Tibeto-Burmese dialects. Manipur people are enthusiastic polo players,and the game of polo is said to have originated here. Some of the traditional Manipuri games are 'Mukna-Kangjei',Manipuri free style hockey-cum-wrestling and 'Yubi-Lakpi'that is a game involving coconut-snatching.

Economy :Agriculture and allied activities is the single largest source of livelihood of rural folk. Among the largely grown crops include paddy,wheat,pulses and maize.

Culture :Handloom material and artistic handicrafts made of bamboo,papier mache and ivory,are the famous articrafts of Manipur.

The traditional Manipuri classical dance is a dance form in which the body moves with slow sinuous grace.

Some of the main festivals of Manipur are Dol Yatra in March,Rath Yatra in June-July and Durga Puja in September-October. Their New Year in the second week of April.

Climate :Manipur has a sub-tropical monsoon climate. The coldest month is January and July is the hottest. Rainfall on the whole is abundant in the state.

History :Manipur has population of two ethnic groups the Nagas and the Meiteis. The hills are also inhabited by another tribal group called the Kukis. Burmese tried to invade north-eastern India including Manipur leading to numerous clashes with the Nagas. In the year 1826,Manipur became a part of India according to the treaty between Raja Jai Singh and the British near the end of the Indo-Burmese war.

During World War II Japanese occupied Imphal. And after the Indian independence Manipur became a Union Territory and subsequently achieved statehood in January 21,1972.


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