Area :44,212 square kilometers

Capital :The Union territory of Chandigarh that is a combined capital of Punjab.

Population :2,10,82,989

Language :Hindi and Haryanvi,a dialect of Hindi.

Climate :The climate of Haryana is of a pronounced continental character. The temperature in Haryana is very hot in summers when temperature goes up to even 46 C. But in the winter the region is quite cold. The rainfall in the region is low and erratic except in parts of the Karmal and Ambala districts. The rainfall is unevenly distributed during the year except for two well marked seasons from June to the end of September and from December to February.

People :The people of Haryana are divided into a number of castes including the Brahmins,the Rajputs,the Jats,the Ahirs and the allied agricultural communities. From the ancient past to the present,religion provides the main basis of the structure of the Haryana society.
Economy : Haryana has an agriculture based economy. About 80% of its people depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

Haryana also has a very sound industrial base. Thus state produces the largest number of tractors in the country. It is well-known for its handloom products. Panipat has earned the reputation of being the "weaver's city" of India for its exquisite hand-tufted woollen carpets and colourful handloom products.

History :Haryana is one of the oldest known areas of settlement in India. There were urban settlements in the Ghaggar valley dating from 3000 B.C. The region was the home of the legendary Bharata dynasty