Area :38,863 square kilometers.

Capital :Thiruvananthapuram

Population :3,18,38,619

Language :Malayalam

People :Hundreds of years ago there was a broad division of the population based upon the occupation. The Kuravar were hunters of Kurinchi (mountain land ),the maravar were fighting men of Palai (arid land ),the idayas were cowherds and shepherds of Mullai (pastures),the Uzhavas were agriculturists of Marutam (west land) and the Paravas were fisher men of the Neytal (coastal land).

The kadars,Ullatans,paniyans and malayans always kept themselves in hills and forests away from the later Aryan invaders. They live in groups and depended mostly on nature for all their needs. The religion of the Kadars was rude animism.

Economy :Agriculture is the main occupation of the people. Rice and tapioca are important food crops. Coconut and pepper are the most important cash crops.
Culture :The agricultural year in Kerala begins in April with the Vishu festival. It is celebrated as New Year's Day. Ona is the ten-day harvest festival of welcoming Mahabali,the beloved ruler of Kerala. The women of the household clean up a patch on the eastern side of their homes and spread cowdung evenly to make the 'attapu' or the circular flower decoration. On Thiruvonam day of this festival the most important day of the festival,women and children dance the 'kummi' and 'kaikottikali' around the 'attapu' while singing songs in praise of Mahabali.

The most famous traditional dance of Kerala is Kathakali.

Climate :The weather of Kerala is pleasant. It is neither too cold in winter,nor too hot in summer. It is monsoon time between June and October,June and July being the rainiest months. Kerala also receives the mild northeast monsoons from October.

History :Chera dynasty had ruled a considerable part of Kerala till 400 A.D. In 825 A.D. Kerala was ruled by the Kulasekhara dynasty till 1019. During this period art,literature and trade flourished and Malayalam began to develop as a language. For about a century there was a long conflict of the rulers of Kerala with the Cholas of Tamil Nadu.

When India became independent in 1947,Kerala was actually divided into states Travancore and Cochin. These two states were brought together to form the Travancore-Cochin State in 1949. On 1st November 1956 Malabar district was added to Travancore-Cochin and the new state of Kerala came into being.