The Violin is not a traditional musical instrument of India. The history of violin does not originate in India. It emerged in its current form in Italy during the 16th century. It was imported from the West and was used with south Indian classical music for the first time during the 18th century. Though it was used as a secondary instrument along with other main musical instruments, it has gained much importance with passing time and is now used for solo recitals as well. Read more about the classical instrument, Violin.

The violin has gained much importance in the twentieth century. Many famous players have played the violin and have given it international recognition. The most refined version of playing the violin is found in south Indian classical music. The player places the curved end of the violin known as the chinrest below his neck towards his shoulder. This gives it stability and the sound produced is much more clear.

The violin is essentially a bowed instrument with four strings that are plucked to create music. The shape of the body of the violin is almost like an hour glass. The violin comprises of various components like the soundboard, also known as the top plate / table / belly, maple ribs, two end blocks, a neck, a bridge, a sound post, four strings and various fittings, that includes a chinrest, which may attach directly over the tailpiece.

The violin has been played by many renowned musicians in India. It has been played solo as well as with other instruments to create melodious music. Some of the well known players of the violin are listed here.

Famous Violin Players:
L. Subramaniam
L. Shankar
T. N. Krishnan
Lalgudi Jayaraman
Baluswamy Dikshitar
T. Rajam
L. Vaidyanathan