An illustrions king of the solar dynasty; an ancestor of Sri Rama. Though renowned for his valor, Dileepa tended the celestial cow Nandini like a cowherd. In an ultimate act of piety, he offered himself as food to a lion to protect Nandini, and thus proved his worthiness in a test posed by Nandini herself. After covering himself with glory, he gave up the kingdom and spent his last years in meditation in forest,setting a noble ideal.

Please leave the cow. You can eat my own body, and feel satisfied. Being a friend, do accede to my request." An Emperor known for his valor thus begged of a lion. How strange! Being so valiant, why did he not kill the lion? Further more, instead of living in grandeur and happiness like a king of kings, why give his body to the lion for the sake of a cow? Isn't it strange? Yet, how good and dignified does it show the Emperor to be! His is a very interesting story.