Oily Hair Remedy

Oily hair hangs limp against your head and does not have any life or bounce. Everyone likes to have shiny, bouncy hair and this may seem a difficult task with oily hair. There are remedies for oily hair and here are a few tips on how to manage oily hair.

* Do not wash your hair everyday. If your hair is clean your glands will secrete more oil. Use a cleaning shampoo to wash your hair and to scrub off the oil build up. Use a mild shampoo and scrub lightly.
* While applying conditioner, do not apply to the roots only apply in the middle or to the ends.
* Reduce the oil intake in your diet. Avoid oily food. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid drugs, alcohol and oils.
* You should consider changing your shampoo. Ask your stylist what you should use. Avoid using the two-in-one shampoos with conditioner.
* If you have to fix oily hair at short notice then just rub in some talcum powder to the hair roots. Make sure that you wash it off later on.

These are a few tips that should help your hair from looking oily and preventing oil build up. It is not easy and you will have to work at it.