Hakka was the first ruler of the famous kingdom of Vijayanagar, and Bukka, his brother, the second ruler. They opposed the mighty Sultan of Delhi and brought unity and freedom to south India. They were great not only as warriors but also as rulers.

Hakka and Bukka were the first kings of the Vijayanagar Empire. To them goes the credit of protecting our religion, culture, literature and fine arts when they were in danger. They also established the rule of Dharma. Their real names were Harihara and Bukkaraya. But the people affectionately called them Hakka (orHukka) and Bukka, and those names stuck to them. Those names are found even in one of the inscriptions. Three dynasties ruled over the Vijayanagar Empire. The first of them was theSangama Dynasty. Harihara and Bukkaraya were the first two kings of that dynasty. Harihara founded the Vijayanagar kingdom and Bukkaraya stretched it into an empire. Hakka and Bukka are remembered for their heroic achievement. First of all we should know the conditions in our country at that time. Only then we can understand how difficult and how great was the achievement of Hakka and Bukka.