Choosing Hair Color

If you want to change your appearance the easiest way to do it, is to do something to your hair. Adding color to your hair is one of the quickest and most dramatic ways of changing the way you look. But choosing the right hair color can be a difficult task. Given below is information about different types of hair color and information about what color would suit you best.

Types of Hair Color or Dyes:

* Permanent Tints: Is mixed with hydrogen peroxide to lift hair color. The peroxide opens the hair cuticle to allow the color to reach the cortex and form the color. The greater the concentrations of peroxide the quicker and lighter the result.
* Semi-Permanent Colors: They do not lift color. They only vary the tone of your natural hair color or can be made darker. It has very little peroxide, which opens the cuticles slightly. Hence the color will last up to about 20 washes and will fade slowly as you shampoo your hair.
* Semi-Permanent Vegetable Colors: It has only vegetable extracts and natural ingredients. Therefore no color is removed from your hair. The color is superficially on the surface of the hair and will be washed away after about 8 shampoos.

Hair Color Tip:

* The hair color you choose should suit your skin color. Light complexioned people do not look good with very dark hair as it draws color out of their skin. Dark complexioned people look best with four or five tones of blonde; chestnut or honey tones also will look great.
* When you are coloring your hair for the first time don't do it by yourself. Get it done by a professional.
* Blonde hair color is easy to get on dark brown hair. But your hair has been permanently colored then this process can become very tedious.
* Red hair color is the sexiest shade and attracts most attention. Most hair is suitable for red hair color. If you are a blonde you will have to go two or three shades darker than your natural color to achieve a rich red hair color and this color is not easy to reverse.
* Brown hair color suits almost everybody. By varying a shade of brown with highlights you can achieve a huge range of colors.
* Black hair color is easy to apply and is easy to apply on all types of hair. But this color looks good only on people with dark or olive skin color.

It is best to consult a beautician and a professional before you color your hair for the first time. As they will give the best advise as to what color is best for your skin tone and for your hair texture.