Makeup For Teenagers

Mothers have been fretting over their teenaged girls ever-increasing cosmetic use and the threat to their skin. Now they should breathe easier for even teens can use cosmetics made especially for them. Teenagers should opt for more natural look and use light application of makeup only as their skin is still young and is naturally beautiful. Soft and subtle are the two keywords that teens should keep in mind while doing makeup. The colors that work best for them are the ones that are closest to their natural skin tone or add just a bit of color to their faces such as shades of pink, coral, neutral brown and gray. Here are a few steps that any teenage girl can use to transform into a blooming beauty in a jiffy:

* Use a concealer pencil that matches you skin tone to cover any skin imperfections, acnes, skin blemishes, scars or dark circles.
* Use a toothbrush to brush brows into place.
* Use a soft gray eye pencil to fill in any gaps in the eyebrows.
* Use soft gray eyeliner to line the lashes and blend it well to the outside edge.
* Apply one coat of brown mascara but if you have naturally black eyelashes, you may also use black mascara too.
* If you have a warm skin undertone, use sheer application of peach blush but if you have a cool skin undertone, use soft pink shade. Blend it well using cotton ball.
* Use natural shade of lip color or just sheer gloss for a soft nude look and you are ready for the party, girl.