An ideal king who was as wise as he was brave and strong. He did not want kingship, but when the people needed him, became king. Matchless in war and matchless in forgiveness, an excellent ruler, he won the hearts of his people.

Vikramaditya - The Creator of an Era About 850 years ago the 'Chalukya- Vikrama Era' was in vogue in Karnataka. Vikramaditya the Sixth came to the throne on the 26th of February 1077A.D. The Chalukya-Vikrama Era commenced from that date. This shows his power and greatness. He defeated a number of kings and proved his valour. Can we respect a person as a great man, just because he is physically very strong or because he has an army and is powerful? Surely we cannot. The giants are said to have been very strong. All were afraid of them, but no one respected them. People hated them. One should have the wisdom to use one's strength for the benefit of others. A horse may be swift as the wind, but he needs reins to control him. In the same way power needs wisdom. Vikramaditya was both valiant and able. In spite of constant wars during his reign, the subjects lived without fear. His motto was to rule solely for the welfare of the people. In addition to this he was generous and noble. He treated a king, Jagaddeva by name, with such affection and grace that Jagaddeva gave up his kingdom andcame away to Vikramaditya's court. Vikramaditya the Sixth was second to none in valor. Many kingdoms were under his thumb but he used his might to help the good and punish the wicked. In every way he was worthy to give an era his name.