Party Make Up Tips

We all wear makeup everyday, but when you are invited to a party the make up has to be special. Your make up should be such that it should make you stand out in the party. Here are a few tips on party make up that will make you the center of attraction in the party.

* Before the night of the party decide what you are going to wear and try it on. Do a dress rehearsal with the accessories that you are going to wear.
* Choose lipstick according to the color of your skin. Pick something that will suit you nicely.
* Highlight either your eyes or your lips. If you are wearing red lipstick then do not highlight your eyes.
* Choose a nice perfume and do not eat garlic, as it will affect the scent of your fragrance.
* Soak in the bath for a while and relax before you leave for the party. This will make you relaxed and you will have more fun at the party.
* Choose an elegant and easy hairstyle.
* If you are not comfortable in a dress you do not have to wear one, you can wear trousers and you can accessorize them for the occasion.
* Don't wear too many accessories. Less is better for a party.
* Apply fresh nail polish before the party to ensure that your nails are looking gorgeous.
* Last but not the least be on your best behavior at the party.