Veena, also known as Saraswati.Veena is a musical instrument of South India. This classical instrument is basically a plucked stringed instrument that is used to accompany Carnatic music. It is essentially a member of the lute family. The Veena has been modified and refined over centuries and has been used since ancient times. The Saraswati Veena was created in the south of India during the 17th century. Given below is more information about the classical instrument Veena.

The Saraswati Veena is about four feet in length and consists of a big round resonator that is carved out of hollow log (Jack wood). It has a hollow neck (fret board) that is lined with 24 brass frets, which is set in black wax on wooden tracks. At the tapering end of this neck is a tuning box that concludes in a downward curve and a beautifully carved dragon's head. There are four main playing strings that are attached to the end of the resonator. Three secondary strings cross the curving side bridge and are wound like the lower strings of a modern day guitar.

The Veena is held tilted slightly away from the Veena player. One has to sit cross legged and place the Veena on the lap. The small gourd is placed on the left thigh of the player. The left arm of the player comes curving from the below the fret board and rests on the frets. The right hand is placed on the edge of the top plank in order to pluck the strings. The frets are played with the fingers of the left hand while the right is for plucking the strings. The lower strings are played using the little finger. The Veena produces a beautiful and enigmatic sound that is often used to relax the mind and help in meditation.

The Veena is an instrument and is shown being played by Goddess Saraswati. That is how it derives the name "Saraswati Veena". Popular variations of the Veena are Rudra Veena, Mahanataka Veena, Vichitra Veena and Gottuvadhyam Veena. The Veena has been a very popular instrument with most singers and there are many famous Veena players who have played some great compositions. Some famous Veena players are listed below.

Famous Veena Players
Doraiswamy Iyengar
Jayanthi Kumaresh
Kalpakam Swaminathan
N. Muralikrishnan
N. Ravikiran
S. Balachander
S.V. Venkateshiah
Veena Dhanammal
Veena Venkatagiriappa
Veene Sheshanna