Sola Khamba (16 Pillars Tomb)

Built during the reign of Aurangzeb albiet minus his contribution, the Sola Khamba is also known as the Shaikh Ala-al-Din’s tomb. This saint was the overseer of the shrine of Moin-ud-din Chisti and he built his own tomb in four years from 1659. Located just outside Chisti’s dargah and completed in 1660, the Sola Khamba is so named because of the 16 pillars that support its roof (sola or solah means 16).

Built in white marble, this rectangular building is not a very large one, but its size is overshadowed by the spectacular trio of cusped arches leading upto the flat roof out of which rise four slender minarets from each corner. The cusped arches are a rare sight for these times, and it was only during Aurangzeb’s reign that they came into their own.