Excavation Sites in Gwalior

¤ Ater, Kherat, Kakanmadh Forms The Excavations Site


Extensive excavations are presently being carried out in these places around Gwalior and many interesting monuments have already been discovered. The Ater Fort (an Archaeological Survey of India site about 110km from Gwalior) was built by Badan Singh Badoria in 1701. An all out effort is now being to restore it to its former glory. Do check out the other places nearby: Shankar Mandir (a State Archaeology site), Sati Mandir and Chamunda Mandir.

¤ Kherat

Kherat lies 6km from Ater along an uneven but motorable road - be prepared for a bumpy ride, another site of great excavations in Gwalior. The last half kilometre has to be done on foot as it goes through a ravine. You’ll have to put on your walking shoes and trudge it for half an hour.
This site too is under the care of the Archaeological Survey of India. of the two temples you’ll find here, the Durga Temple is recent while the other is a 10th century brick structure.
The Navgraha Murti (representation of the nine planets) that was originally installed here has been missing since 1986.

¤ Kakanmadh

Kakanmadh too has been declaired as an excavation site, it is handed over to the Archaeological Survey of India for the restoration of the 11th century temple which is presently in disrepair. It is roughly 100km from Ater. While visiting any of these sites go prepared for an uncomfortable ride and take bottles of mineral water and some snacks along.

¤ Must-See Museums

Apart from the above-mentioned Gujari Mahal Archaeological Museum and the Jai Vilas Museum, there are two more museums worthy of a visit. The Municipal Corporation Museum, Moti Mahal Road, has quite a collection of armoury and natural history. Open 1000-1630; closed Monday. . The Kala Vithika, MP Kala Parishad, has a fantastic collection of modern art. Open 0900-1700; closed Sunday; no admission charge.


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